Meet Our Riders

Meet Our Riders

Isabel Stettininus

Isabel currently attends Foxcroft High School in Middleburg, VA. She shows in the Large Older Juniors with her lovely hunter, Balenciaga, whom she acquired last season during WEF. Isabel also started competing in the jumpers last year in Wellington and quickly fell in love! She will show her newly leased horse, Alazan, in the jumpers this season and we are very excited to see them progress together.


Champion at 2016 Junior Hunter Finals with Balenciaga!


Champion at the Loudoun Benefit Horse Show on her recently sold horse, Guest of Honor

Alazan Modified Childrens Jumpers, WEF 2017

Janie Ware

Janie is a Freshman at Foxcroft High School and is a Middleburg native. She competes her horse, Trump Card, in the Children’s Hunters. Janie also showed frequently in the Taylor Harris on her eq horse she leased for 2016, and has also shown in some small jumper classes in Wellington.


Reserve Champion in Children’s at Middleburg Classic


Champion and Reserve Champion at Loudoun Benefit Horse Show

Trump Card, Childrens Hunters, WEF 2017

5th Childrens Hunter Classic, WCHR Week WEF 2017

Rosie Powers

Rosie attends Sweet Briar college and competes her beautiful gray mount, Carabello, in the Younger Amateur Owners. She has had “Snowball” for several years and it is a lovely partnership to watch grow with each year. Rosie also competes on the IHSA team for Sweet Briar.


Lovely picture under the oaks at Upperville

Reserve Champion at Blowing Rock in the Younger AO Hunters

Reserve Champion at Blowing Rock in the Younger AO Hunters


Megan McCann Sizemore

Megan has ridden with Johnny and Kitty for years and shows her horse, First Look, in the younger Adult Amateurs. She and her husband, Adam Sizemore, recently just had a lovely baby girl named Scarlett this year. Taking time off to have Scarlett didn’t hinder Megan one bit as she was Champion at her first show back just months after Scarlett was born. We can’t wait to help to find Scarlett a pony one day!

First show back on Arthur at Middleburg Classic

First show back on Arthur at Middleburg Classic


Proud family moment!


Baby Scarlett's first outing to Eight Oaks North

Baby Scarlett’s first outing to Eight Oaks North


Abbie Taylor

Abbie shows her horse, Trending, in the Younger 3’3 Amateur Owners. Although Abbie only acquired “Teddy” before WEF 2016, they have progressed tremendously in their short time together. Abbie lives and works in Washington, D.C., but always makes time to come ride and lesson on the weekends. 

Top ribbon in the Adult Amateur Classic at Middleburg Classic

Teddy is a very good sport!


Ingrid Avera

Ingrid has ridden with Johnny and Kitty for years and years. She has two horses with Eight Oaks, Celita and Cadbury. She shows both in the Older Adult Amateurs. Caddy and Ingrid have been partners for a long time and are a pleasure to watch. 

Winning everything at Middleburg Classic!



Sherri Crawford

Sherri is another long time member of the Eight Oaks team. She currently shows her beautiful gray gelding, Persuasion, in the Adult Amateurs. Sherri has two other horses at Eight Oaks, Carento and his son, Calistro. Sara Green shows Carento in the Second Year Hunters and shows Calistro in the 3′ Pre-Greens. 

Reserve Champion at Blowing Rock, Persuasion

Sara on Carento, Middleburg Classic

Calistro, Champion Pre-Greens at Upperville


Ashley Hodges

Ashley has ridden with Johnny since she was a junior. She has two horses with Eight Oaks, Carlotta and Jet Stream K. She currently shows both in the 3’3 Amateur Owners.

Winning at Tryon

WEF Champion


Martin Schlaeppi

Martin has been a long time friend and member of Eight Oaks. He currently shows I C London in the Older Adult Amateurs. 

Champion at Blowing Rock

Champion at Loudoun


Annie Ingersoll

Annie is a Virginia resident and lives just a very short drive from the farm. She recently purchased a new young hunter prospect, Gandalf.